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Stronger than Stigma (STS) is a student-run initiative with chapters at McGill University and Concordia University, created to address the barriers experienced by university students with mental health issues.  Founded in February 2016, STS was designed to promote mental health on campus by:

(1) Increasing mental health literacy and knowledge amongst the student body,

(2) Decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness,

(3) Promoting wellness and self-care on campus.


STS achieves these goals through a variety of programming services which include mental health weeks, speaker series, mental health workshops, and social media campaigns aimed at decreasing stigma led through Facebook and Instagram. With the increased demand for mental health resources by students, student-led mental health initiatives like STS play a large role in student well-being.

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Who we are

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Stronger than Stigma McGill

Stronger than Stigma Concordia


Micaela Ostri

Co-President STS McGill

Micaela is in her second year at McGill University, majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. Through Stronger Than Stigma, she hopes to educate students on mental illness by providing opportunities to learn about mental health from other students and professionals. She further hopes to create a safe space and encourage others to talk about their experiences without the fear of being judged.



Co-President STS McGill

Marissa is in her final year of undergraduate studies at McGill University. She is majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Psychology (with a specialization in Social Psychology) and Religion and Globalization. Through Stronger Than Stigma McGill, Marissa aims to eradicate stigmas surrounding mental illnesses at McGill while also offering students opportunities engage in meaningful discussions with one another and professionals on the topic of mental health.


Valerie Courval

President STS Concordia

Valérie is enrolled in the Physics with a minor in Computer Sciences at Concordia University. By being involved with Stronger Than Stigma, she wants to help students pursue their future with a smile and a good mental health regardless of their field. She believes that by working together, we can build a community that can aid all students in managing the pressure of their studies.

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