WellMTL aspires to help people overcome the barriers associated with caring for their mental health. WellMTL does this through offering evidence-based and accessible mental health programming based on the principles of psychoeducation, wellness and self-care.



Helping individuals of all ages overcome the social and financial barriers associated with taking care of their mental health through practicing self-care and wellness.


Becoming a one stop shop for all Montrealers to learn about or take part in mental-health related programs and workshops.


Inclusion and Diversity: Montreal is lucky to be filled with an incredibly diverse population with many different needs and things to offer. WellMTL recognizes the importance of diversity and aims to be as inclusive as possible. Thus catering to the many needs of all Montrealers.


Equity: We believe in the fair treatment of all individuals regardless of their background. In fact, we recognize that due to some people’s backgrounds, they may need more help or support than others. WellMTL offers equitable servicing based on this reality.


Awareness: Since psychoeducation is an important aspect of WellMTL, we aim to bring as much awareness around mental health as possible. Through awareness we can begin to become a more mental health literate population and in turn become more accepting and compassionate of what others may be going through. Additionally, through awareness we can begin to breakdown the social barriers related to mental illness, mainly stigma.


Accessibility and Affordability: WellMTL offers many of its programs for either free of charge or for affordable prices at a sliding scale. We want to ensure that our programs are accessible and affordable to all who want to take part in or purchase. 

“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.”

Lyanla Vanzant


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