An anti-stigma mental health program for adolescents

School of Talk (SOT) is a 45-minute workshop that builds on pre-existing literature of existing anti-stigma workshops.  The SOT workshop includes both face-to-face contact with a presenter with lived experience and psychoeducation.

The SOT workshop also goes beyond these two elements by teaching 5 practical anti-stigma strategies that students can take away with them, include the use of proper dialogue and proper language around mental illness, inclusion techniques, stop and thought challenge for self-stigma, and the bystander effect.

The workshop consists of three key components:

(a) providing psychoeducation,

(b) decreasing stigma through exposure through a presenter with lived experience,

(c) teaching practical anti-stigma strategies to help cultivate a more accepting classroom environment.

These three elements make this a unique and effective workshop for students.