Sophie's Story- "an ally to everyone struggling"

My mental health is something I have been battling for the last 7+ years. I struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD. While mental health doesn't completely control my life, my life has definitely been affected by it. The days I forget to take my medication I don't feel like myself. When I need someone to sit with me while I cry and unable to tell them why I'm crying are the harder days. I am stronger than the stigma because I am no longer afraid to share my story. I am able to ask for help and know that I'm not asking for too much. I know that I am worthy of a happy, healthy and stable life. Stigma no longer makes me feel alone, weird or like an outcast. Everyone experiences mental health differently and while it may be very personal we don't need to be embarrassed by it. We need to support and watch out for our friends, family and people we see in life who look like they could be struggling. Sharing a smile or a hello could mean something so much more to someone else who needs it. My hope is to be an ally to everyone struggling and make it known that our feelings are valid and we all are important.

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